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Figure Skating Appreciation: Blades On Ice

If you'd like to learn more about a specific element of figure skating (a jump or a throw, etc.) take a look at this website, where you can see videotape of many elements.  The videotape makes it easier to see the difference between one type of jump and another.  While the site has some nice videos of the elements, it is sometimes difficult to understand their written descriptions of what constitutes a specific element, such as an Axel.  Therefore, I've created a simplified guide to identifying the elements.

If you'd like to find videotape of a specific skater, or a specific event, e.g. the 2018 Olympics, this website is terrific.  The one problem with the site is that some of the videotape is not permanent, i.e. it is only posted for 2 week periods of time.  After that, the videotape disappears.  The good news is that you can go to the website and ask the people who post videos to repost a videotape, and within a day or two, somebody usually will oblige you.

The International Skating Union (ISU) is the governing body for figure skating.  They maintain a list of current biographies for skaters, detailed rules, past results and much more. 

If you'd like to learn more about the way figure skating is judged, you can choose these pages to learn about the new scoring system and the old scoring system.