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Your Internet Connection: End Your Internet Connection Misery

There are three types of broadband service available:
  • DSL is available from several companies, but the least expensive by far is Verizon.  They offer a low speed service that goes up to 1000 Kbps.  They also offer a higher speed service that goes up to 3000 Kbps, and they offer in some areas a service that goes up to 15000k.  The speed you get from your DSL is determined by your distance from a telephone junction box.  If you are relatively far away, you may not be able to get speeds above 1000 Kbps anyway, so you should not sign up for the high speed service in that case.
  • The second category of broadband is Cable.  Most residents of Montgomery County will be served by either Comcast or RCN (Starpower), although some people have a choice of both companies. 

    Comcast offers speeds of up to 6000 Kbps for $43/month if you subscribe to their TV service or $58/month if you don't subscribe to their TV service. 
  • RCN (Starpower) is the other cable provider.  Their prices are $35 to $50 depending on whether you subscribe to their cable TV.
  • The third category of broadband is called FIOS.  This is only offered by Verizon.  They offer three levels of service:
    • Up to 5000 Kbps 
    • Up to 15000 Kbps
    • Up to 25000 Kbps
If you use a broadband connection to the internet, it is particularly important to use a firewall.  You can obtain a free firewall and you can find additional information about viruses and malware that may infect your computer by going to this page on my website.
Speakeasy will allow you to test the actual speed that your ISP is providing you.  Visualware will allow you to do the same thing.  If you are using cable, you should test at several times during the day, because your speed may vary.  You can't test your internet connection speed on an iPad with either of the two services above.  However, you can go to the App Store and search for Ookla.  That will bring up the Ookla speed test which works well with an iPad.  Download and install the Ookla app, and you can test your speed with an iPad.

There are several sources for obtaining free antivirus software.  AVG offers free antivirus software.  Microsoft Security Essentials is free and can be obtained for Windows 7 computers.  Microsoft Windows Defender comes pre-installed on Windows 8 computers for free, although some manufactures may disable it.  You can reinstall the software.