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Pitch Your Post-Its

If you're using Windows 10, you may see two OneNote icons on your menu.  One is labeled OneNote and the other will be labeled OneNote 2016 (or possibly 2013 or 2010).  You can read about the difference between these versions of OneNote.  In addition to these two versions of OneNote, there are 12 other versions of OneNote.  Each one is used on a different electronic device e.g. iPhone, iPad, Windows online, Mac, etc.  Use the electronic device to visit this site to install OneNote on it.  You don't have to download OneNote at all; you can simply use it online by visiting this site on your Windows PC or Mac.

If you're using OneNote on an iPad, you may wish to visit this website where you can learn specific tips that are applicable to using OneNote with an iPad.

If you're using OneNote for the first time this site will provide you with an excellent overview of its features and capabilities.

The OneNote Clipper is an excellent way to easily import any web page into OneNote.  You can install the Clipper here.  Here is more information about using the Clipper.  If you wish to use the Clipper with Microsoft Edge, read this page before installing it.

This website will allow you to easily forward emails to OneNote.

If you wish to save your OneNote notebooks online, you must use OneDrive.

You can take take photos with your digital camera and import them into OneNote.  The Microsoft lens also performs this task and has some extra features.

You can learn more about OneNote at the following websites:
7 OneNote training videos at Lynda (Free when accessed through the Montgomery County Library)