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Windows Pains: Moving From Windows XP to Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9 is designed to work particularly well with Windows 7.  You may wish to read about the new features contained in IE 9 and see several videos about it. 
Restore points are a very useful feature of XP, Vista, and Win 7.  This article will show you how to control when restore points are created in Win 7.  Unfortunately, many versions of Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security make it impossible to use Restore Points.  This article will show you how to temporarily turn off Norton so that you can use Restore points.  Restore previous versions is a feature that is part of restore points.  Detailed directions are here that show you how to use the feature. You can learn more about system restore.
If you wish to edit digital photos in Win 7, Photo Gallery is a free program from Microsoft that can help with this task.  Photo Gallery is capable of making sophisticated changes to your photos such as creating panoramas out of 2 or more photos, taking two bad photos and combining them into a single good photo, and more.  You can learn how to perform these techniques.  You can view your online albums by visiting the web site
Libraries are a very useful new feature of Win 7.  A video that describes how to use them is available.  Additional information about libraries and finding information in Win 7 is available on this video.
This video will teach you about the Win 7 desktop.