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Computer Recycling

We are currently closed due to Covid.

I run RecycleMyComputer, an organization that recycles used computers and iPads, refurbishes them, and then donates them to people who can't afford a computer.
We accept Windows laptop computers and iPads.  We do not accept Windows desktop computers nor do we accept Apple desktop computers or Apple laptops.  There is generally a sticker on the computer.  If the sticker says Windows 7 or Windows 8, or Windows 10 we can make use of it.  If there is not a sticker on the computer, but you are confident that it is running Windows 7, 8 or 10, we can make use of it.  We do not accept Windows XP or Vista computers; they should be taken to the County Landfill.  Your donated computer does not have to be in working condition, because we are able to repair them.  However, the screen on the laptop can't be broken.

Individuals who donate their laptops want to be confident their data is erased.  Here’s what we do to ensure that your computer is wiped clean.


The first thing we do with laptops that are donated to us is erase 100% of the information that is on your computer.  We use a software program called Darik’s Boot and Nuke.  This program writes a new random piece of data to every sector of your hard drive.  By writing new data on top of your old data, you can be confident that your data is gone. 


The entire process of wiping your data takes 1-3 hours.  If you would like to come to our office to watch us start erasing the data on your laptop, we are happy to accommodate you.  Please email us to arrange a time when you can come to our office.  Keep in mind that the entire erasure process takes between 1 and 3 hours, so you probably don’t want to watch the process until it completes.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to erase the data on your laptop yourself, you can download Darik’s Boot and Nuke program, and erase your data.

We also fully wipe iPads.  If you prefer to do it yourself, follow these directions:
If you know the password to login to your iPad, follow these directions.
If you don't know the password to login to your iPad, follow these directions.

Donations of computer equipment made to RecycleMyComputer are tax deductible.  If you donate computer equipment to us, let us know if you want a receipt.  We will be happy to send you a receipt that you can use for tax purposes.

If you wish to apply to receive a refurbished computer/iPad or know someone who needs a refurbished computer, email us to request an application form.  Alternatively, you can download the application form here.  Seniors receive preference for these computers.  There is a $10 or $25 non-refundable administrative fee charged to receive a donated computer.  Recipients will have to pick up their computer at our Edgemoor Lane office.  We do not deliver.

RecycleMyComputer is made possible through the generous sponsorship of OASIS.  The Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center generously provides us with space for our operations.