Get Your Computer Back Up to Speed

There are three programs available that attempt to automatically speed up your computer for you. SlimCleaner Free (or SlimCleaner Plus) are two different versions of the same software. The latter has more features than the former. A review of the free version is available. Iolo System Mechanic is a paid program You can read a review here or purchase it here.

Programs that startup when your computer boots can drain your computer's memory. There are 3 web sites you can use to help determine whether these startup programs are necessary. These sites are located at Systemlookup, Blockit, and Process library.

This article offers 9 methods for improving your computer's speed. This article offers 12 methods, although we covered several of them in our class.

This website provides instructions for determining how much memory your computer needs, since some users require more memory than others.

There are many different types of memory that are used by computers. It is imperative that you purchase the proper type. Crucial, a manufacturer of memory chips, has a small free program on its site that will determine the type of memory your computer uses. Other chip manufacturers have similar programs as well.

Windows 10 provides the ability to use Task Manager to look at how many resources have been used cumulatively over a long period of time, rather than just since the computer was last rebooted. Follow these directions to use this feature. You can read more about the Windows 10 Task Manager.

Security holes are periodically discovered in both Windows and other programs that run on your computer. New software versions are released that close these security holes.

The Processes tab shows which processes are monopolizing your computer at a moment in time. In contrast to that feature, App History is a feature that keeps track of which programs monopolize your CPU the most, over an extended period of time. You can read more about this feature.

Solid State Drives (SSD) are 4 to 5 times faster than old fashioned hard drives. They will greatly speed up your computer. There is a list of recommended model here or here. The Samsung 870 EVO is described here. Another excellent model, the Samsung 980 is even faster than the 870. Solid State Drives come in different form factors, i.e. shapes. They also come with different buses. This can make shopping for an SSD complicated, because you must purchase an SSD that fits in, and works with your computer. You can read more about this complicated subject here here here here here or here. Here are directions that explain how to install a SATA or M.2 SSD in your computer.

There are 2 types of backup available in Win 10. Here are directions for creating an image backup in Windows 10 and restoring it to your computer. There are two sites that offer directions for creating File History backups here and here.

You can learn more about System Restore here or here.

Directions to create a Recovery Drive are here.

If you wish to determine the connection speed that your ISP is delivering to your house, visit the Speakeasy website or the Verizon website, both of which will perform a free speed test for you.