I am a member of the Montgomery County Master Gardener organization. Our organization is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly information about gardening to the residents of Montgomery County. Our advice emphasizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Our garden at home consists of many annual flowers, blackberries, peonies, blueberries, mums, a peach tree (that doesn't produce many peaches because it is too shaded) and lots of vegetables. In addition, we have 30 hybrid tea rose bushes. You can see pictures of our roses here.

My wife provides a lot of help in the garden, but she says that the happiest day of the year is when the first killing frost occurs, because she knows that her work in the garden is finally done. My happiest days of the year are about June 27, when our first tomato is generally ripe, and November 15, when the first vegetable seed catalog for the next year arrives in our mailbox.