Picture This: Introduction to Digital Photography

If you'd like to download the photos to your computer that we used in class, please click here to find them.

The most powerful photo editing software available is Photoshop CS5. It is a $650 program, and is very complicated to learn. Its baby brother, Photoshop Elements 10, contains 90% of the features in CS5, but Elements 10 lists for $100, and is frequently on sale for about $70.

Picasa is an excellent alternative to Elements 10. Picasa is available for free at this website. Picasa is not as powerful as Photoshop Elements, but it is simpler to learn, and is a very capable program.

There are scores of companies that will print your digital photos for you. I have used all these companies, and have been happy with each:




The PE10 manual has been split into two pieces; one for Organizer and one for Editor

My favorite book about PE10 is called the Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage. You can often find it at Borders, or you can get it at Amazon.

If you are going to change a white sky to a blue sky and add clouds, you will first need to download the cloud brushes.

If you want to learn more about Photoshop, select any of the sites listed below.

Youtube (217 free videos. My favorite site. Excellent!!)

Adobe TV (50 free videos)

Photoshop (10 excellent videos)

Photoshop Elements User (50 free videos)

Kellytown Press

Photoshop Elements Help and manuals for PSE 6-10


Photoshop Roadmap