Digital Scrapbooks

Digital scrapbooking is lots of fun. The software we used in class is called My Memories Suite. It is also available for $30 with free shipping from Amazon. There are reviews of alternative software programs that can help you create scrapbooks. These alternative programs are less expensive than My Memories Suite, but I don't believe they are as versatile.

Adding background music to your scrapbook enhances it greatly. You can obtain music in a variety of ways including from your existing CD collection. You can also buy songs from iTunes or from Amazon, but Amazon also offers 57,000 songs for free.

If you wish to add narration to your scrapbook, you'll need a microphone. Just about any microphone that plugs into your soundcard will work fine. Here's one from Microcenter that is only $6.95.

If you're going to print your scrapbook at home, you may wish to bind it to give it a professional look. Sir Speedy offers perfect binding and Fed X Print and Ship Centers offers both coil and spiral binding.

If you wish to have your scrapbook printed professionally as a book, My Memory Suite can do this for you. In addition you can use a variety of other companies including Shutterfly and My Publisher.

There's an excellent 30 minute video that provides many tips and tricks for creating Word Art in MMS.

If you wish to send your scrapbook via email to a friend or relative, you will probably be limited by your ISP to a 5 or 10 megabyte file. You can overcome this restriction by utilizing You Send It.

If you want to create iron on t-shirts or sweatshirts you'll need the transfers that make this possible. They are available at multiple locations including which sells them inexpensively. Avery has a complete list of transfers that they well.

You may wish to visit this website where you view 6 excellent videos that shows you how to use My Memories Suite. This site offers a 2 hour video. The first 30 minutes is about creating a calendar. The final 1.5 hours is about using the Suite in general and covers all its features. This site offers 49 additional videos covering a wide range of subjects. This site offers 23 additional videos.

You can watch this 11 minute video about using photos in your project.

There's a very good free 160 page writen manual available for download.

If you're going to create a calendar, you may wish to watch this video that will help you, or visit this web site for information about MMS calendars.

If you are going to scan old family photos and you've never used a scanner before, you might like to look at this website which provides some useful scanning tips.